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The Data-Driven Guide
 to Leading Remote Software Teams

Leading a remote software team is hard—Data can help. By analyzing 7 million commits from over 85,000 professional software engineers, GitPrime shares how you can incorporate data-driven insights to effectively lead your remote software team.

Objective data allows you to:

Evaluate team performance relative to cost

Drive performance with actionable metrics

Recognize when a team or individual is off their normal pattern

Understand strengths and weakness compared to industry benchmarks

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With the right data in the mix, engineering leaders can get an objective read on their team. The next wave of effective Engineering leadership is being defined by the use of concrete data to determine what’s working (and what’s not), celebrate victories, and identify risk before its too late.

Get this guide to understand how Data is transforming modern software teams and helping engineering leaders level-up their team with better decisions, made more quickly — to effectively support, guide, and challenge their teams to do the best work of their careers.

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