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Pricing and Purchasing FAQ

Data and Setup

What kind of setup is involved?

There’s nothing to set up. Connect your repos with a few clicks.

Will this change our workflow?

GitPrime works with your current process, so there’s nothing to change in your workflow.

All of our reporting is automatically generated when your developers check in code. No more bothering people to update tickets, or interrupting people to ask what they’re working on.

How does GitPrime handle my data?
We are self-hosting our code. Will GitPrime still work for us?
 GitPrime works with any Git repository, no matter where you host it. Besides GitHub and Bitbucket, it works with AWS, Beanstalk, GitLab, Google Cloud, and all of the others. It even works with your own internally hosted Git solution. If you have questions about adding your data, get in touch.

Using the App

What kind of tool is GitPrime exactly?

GitPrime is an organizational tool for engineering leaders to understand and advocate for their team with substantive data.

We are pioneering a different way of thinking about productivity in software engineering beyond subjective metrics like tickets, storypoints, or lines of code.

By mining data in Git, we are able to increase visibility about team contributions, see where the biggest impact is being made, identify areas to give concrete feedback, and help teams understand how process changes impact the team’s effectiveness.

Here are some examples.

So, are you just counting lines of code?

Nope. It’s not even clear how you would count lines of code for, say, instances of refactoring where code is both inserted and deleted at the same time.

Our approach is more about visually showing how the codebase is changing over time, and highlighting outlier events in order to give engineering teams and stakeholders a better picture of their own work — something that is hard to do today, especially at scale.

What is Churn?

We have lots of unique ways to look at engineering work, described in detail in the knowledge base.

Some popular topics are:

How do I share the reports with my team?

Here are instructions for how to share the GitPrime reports with other people on your team.

License and Payment

Can I try GitPrime for free?

Of course! Your first 14 days are on us. Your trial account and be up and running in just a few clicks. At the end of your trial, you will be asked for payment details to continue the service without interruption.

How is GitPrime licensed?

GitPrime is based on tiered pricing — the number of developers currently contributing on your engineering team.

What payment options are available?

We accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express. GitPrime is also available on an annual subscription plan at a discounted rate, for which we also accept bank transfers or checks.

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