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The collaboration process is as critical as the code your engineers write. Now you can measure and manage collaboration. And see your teams inner workings.

Git is more than version control.
It’s a record of how your team works.

The highest performing engineering teams communicate and collaborate effectively. GitPrime objectively measures knowledge sharing and collaboration. So that you can build your best team and culture.

Teamwork Dynamics

Build a better engineering culture

The larger your team, the harder it is to manage knowledge distribution, and teamwork dynamics that may be impacting cycle times and code quality. Collaboration in GitPrime provides a powerful visualization into your teamwork dynamics.

  • What percentage of PRs or commits get zero responses?
  • What percentage of the team is involved in feedback?
  • Are senior engineers providing feedback and mentorship?

With Collaboration, you can objectively measure and identify team dynamics. Helping you build a better culture.

Knowledge Sharing

Eliminate silos. And boost knowledge distribution.

What would you do if your most prolific engineers were suddenly unavailable? It's the hit-by-a-bus factor. And it could bring production to a stop.

Knowledge Sharing reports in GitPrime reduce the bus factor, and help you measure and improve how codebase knowledge is distributed across your team. Get actionable insights into knowledge silos, and use data to distribute value evenly across your engineering team.

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Teamwork measured and mastered.

Be more data-driven, with built-in reports for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Reviewing each other’s code and talking through solutions, is a substantial part of what it means to be a software engineer. But for managers and engineering leaders, the code review process at scale is difficult to manage.

Bottlenecks, struggling PRs, patterns, and anti-patterns in team collaboration, and knowledge distribution are all visible in GitPrime.


Set targets and compare against benchmarks.

Average Time to First Comment

How quickly does your team respond to new PRs?

Average Time to Resolve

How long does your team take to close PRs?

Average Number of Follow-on Commits

How many revisions occur post code review?

Recent PR Activity Level

Where do PRs sit on a 5-point scale of activity?

Recent Ticket Activity Level

Where do tickets sit on a 5-point scale of activity?

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Customer Stories

See how engineering intelligence is building better businesses.

All software companies reach a certain scale where it becomes increasingly difficult to write code and release new product. I can't imagine a company like ours operating without GitPrime.”
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Decrease in Time to Resolve Pull Requests


Increase in Impact to Codebase


Decrease in Unreviewed PRs

Measure and manage collaboration.

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