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GitPrime aggregates historical git data into easy to understand insights and reports. Get objective data you can share in the boardroom, stand-ups, and one-on-ones.

Ship faster because you know more.
Not because you are rushing.

Past performance, predicts future performance. With GitPrime, you can identify bottlenecks, compare sprints, and releases over time. Once uninformed conversations about engineering, become debate free, data-driven discussions.

Work Log

Eliminate guesswork and disruptions.

Managing large teams is hard. The volume of activity is overwhelming. Standups are ineffective and meetings take up valuable time. Work Log provides a single view of your team's contributions and work habits.

  • View a project's code commits, ticket activity, and PRs in a single dashboard.
  • Know what "a day in the life" of your engineers is like.
  • Identify project bottlenecks at a glance.

With Work Log, you get a comprehensive view of all of the major artifacts that engineers produce in a day, week, or sprint.

Project Timeline

Match events to activities.

What gets measured gets managed. What was the impact of scaling the team? Did our new CI/CD tooling speed up delivery? Answer questions with Project Timeline. Map org events to engineering contributions and activities.

With Project Timeline, you can validate or challenge decisions that impact your team. Be the advocate engineers need. So they can work on what matters most - building, delivering business value.


Plan better sprints.

Retrospective provides tools to evaluate the success of releases and compare sprints. See your most and least productive time periods. Add a new layer of objective data to the narratives shared in meetings.

With Retrospective, you can make more informed resource allocation decisions. Identify those that need more peer review and mentorship. And run data-rich retrospective meetings that will help your team align toward common goals.

Industry Standard

Loved by startups, trusted by enterprises.

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Use metrics to coach your engineers.

One-on-ones should be as thoughtful and logical as the code you write. Replace anecdotes and assumptions with Dev Snapshot: a single view into the work patterns of each engineer. Get concrete data about commit risk, code churn and impact to better guide discussions.


Dev Snapshot makes managing large teams manageable. Even when you’re short on time.

  • Use Snapshot Quadrant to quickly identify the engineers that need help and are blocked.
  • Use Risk Profile to spot risky commits that need a thorough review.
  • Use Work Focus, to drill down into the types of work an engineer is focused on.
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    Innovate More

    Use data to identify and focus on what matters.

    Set targets and compare against benchmarks.

    Code Fundamentals in GitPrime help you focus on four fundamental metrics for engineers in large organizations and enterprises.

    Coding Days

    Any day an engineer contributed code.

    Commits Per Day

    Quantified non-merge commits.


    The severity of edits to the code base vs repo.


    The ratio of churned code to contributed code.

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    Customer Stories

    See how engineering intelligence is building better businesses.

    If we were not using GitPrime, it would be like going back to the stone ages. We've gotten used to the metrics and the visibility GitPrime provides us.”
    Rob TeegardenVPE, DealerSocket

    Increase in Coding Days per Week


    Increase in Commits per Day


    Increase in Impact to Codebase

    Level up engineering with data-driven insights.

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    Accelerate software delivery cycles and time to market.

    Better understand how engineering resources are deployed.

    Calculate real costs for new and ongoing initiatives.

    Spot healthy and unhealthy work patterns.

    Focus on facts over feelings, and objectivity over subjectivity.

    Turn code into a language that everyone can understand.

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