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GitPrime’s engineering intelligence platform transforms black box development activities, into easy to understand insights and reports. Be more data-driven. Get boardroom ready metrics. Increase throughput and go-to-market faster, with the data you've always wanted.

CEOs and engineers share the same ethos - build things that scale.


The most analytical people in your organization are building your business, without data.

What gets measured gets managed. Data. Metrics. Reporting. The very things you need to make organizational decisions are what your software engineers crave and need in their day-to-day work.


Counting lines of code is ineffective, and incentivizes the wrong behavior.

In the absence of meaningful data large organizations mistakenly count lines of code as a measure of a software engineers contributions. Yet the strongest team members commit high performant code in fewer lines.


Startups are moving faster, with smaller teams.

Innovation often takes a back seat to conflicting engineering priorities. Innovating and managing technical debt is a balancing act for most enterprises. Without visibility into the contributions, impact, and bottlenecks of your software teams means smaller more agile startups are continuously improving and going to market faster.

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Optimize for Innovation.

Get trend insights to help you evaluate the efficiency of your software releases over time. Visualize productivity and make more informed resourcing decisions. Add a new layer of objective data to your Product and Engineering narrative.


More data-driven development.


Build stronger teams and culture.


Focus on the metrics that matter.

Continuously improve and deliver

Continuously improve and deliver.

Match events to engineering activities. What was the impact of scaling the team? Are we faster with new tooling? Answer questions with GitPrime. Validate decisions and focus on delivering customer value.

Engineering intelligence distributed.

Engineering intelligence distributed.

Highest performing teams communicate and collaborate effectively. GitPrime objectively measures Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration. So that you can build your best team and culture.

Set goals and targets vs benchmarks.

Set goals and targets vs benchmarks.

Code Fundamentals in GitPrime help you focus on the core fundamental metrics for large enterprise engineerring teams.

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Customer Stories

See how engineering intelligence is building better businesses.

GitPrime gives us a clear understanding of what’s going on in engineering, and how we can get better. It increases my ability to make confident decisions about performance, and it allows me to do so much more quickly.”
Mike TrionfoCTO and Co-Founder, Homie Inc.

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