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Let data tell the story. GitPrime gives you visibility into your work patterns. To help you improve your day-to-day and team collaboration. Instead of opinion-based discussions about your work, use historical git data to debug your own development. Visualize your value and business impact.

How can the most analytical, systematic, and technical people have the least data to work with?


Counting lines of code is no way to measure your work.

Your most productive day could be spent deleting lines of code. Or committing high performant code in as few lines as possible. Yet, in the absence of meaningful data organizations mistakenly count lines of code as a measure of an engineers impact.


Self-reporting in meetings and daily standups is flawed.

Are short informal meetings really the best way to communicate your contributions to the code and product? Your communication should be as thoughtful as the code you write. Yet so much context is missing without visibility into your work, and impact to the codebase.

Get insights

into your work.

Engineers background

Visualize your work.


Advocate for more scalable solutions.

Get help on blockers in daily standups.

Improve code reviews and feedback loops.

Say goodbye to
pointless meetings.


Reduce or eliminate distractions with data.

Easily show the impact of your contributions.

Begin and end each day with confidence.

Build a better engineering culture.


Develop and share best practices for code review.

Improve collaboration and resolve PRs faster.

Understand knowledge silos and team dynamics.

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See how engineering intelligence is building better businesses.

Engineers are happiest when they’re building. GitPrime helps us remove barriers, kill interruptions, adjust processes, and assign tasks correctly so that we all can contribute to the best of our ability. It’s a win for everybody.”
Aaron SilvermanEngineering Lead, Storyblocks

Increase in Codebase Impact


Decrease in Errors Encountered by Users


Decrease in Average PR Age

Debug your development impact.

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Accelerate software delivery cycles and time to market.

Better understand how engineering resources are deployed.

Calculate real costs for new and ongoing initiatives.

Spot healthy and unhealthy work patterns.

Focus on facts over feelings, and objectivity over subjectivity.

Turn code into a language that everyone can understand.

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