How TangoCode Delivers Quality Software Faster With GitPrime

We strongly believe that if you want to build a culture of continuous improvement, you need tools that show you on a daily basis what’s going on and how you are doing.
The Challenge
TangoCode is a custom software development firm based in Chicago, IL. With additional offices in Uruguay and Ecuador, TangoCode’s distributed team of engineers help companies build web and mobile solutions, develop top-of-the-line revenue-generating products, and scale their digital transformation efforts. One of TangoCode’s core values is to strive for excellence, both internally as a high-performing organization, and externally as they deliver software and value to their many clients, says TangoCode’s Co-Founder, Veronica Buitron. “We strongly believe that if you want to build a culture of continuous improvement, you need tools that show you on a daily basis what’s going on and how you are doing.” But TangoCode felt there were gaps in their visibility and understanding of their engineering progress. “One of our biggest challenge is delivering software as fast as possible without sacrificing quality,” says TangoCode’s VP of Engineering, Jean Pierre Valencia.
The Solution
Two years ago, Jean Pierre went looking for tooling that could provide better visibility into metrics and KPIs for their engineering organization, and specifically for their sprints. He came across GitPrime and after trialing the platform, TangoCode rolled it out to the broader organization. Jean Pierre says they were very deliberate about how they positioned GitPrime to the team. “We gained buy-in from the teams by explaining that if we want to improve as a team, we have to measure meaningful KPIs.” Not long after TangoCode introduced analytics about the delivery process to their teams and incorporated it in their workflows, the team started trending towards more sustainable and healthy work patterns. “Shipping code in smaller and frequent chunks was much better for us because the project stories would get to the UX and QA team members for reviews earlier in the sprint. This ultimately improved the team’s throughput. Thanks to GitPrime, this was a huge gain for us,” says Jean Pierre. TangoCode also saw a significant reduction in their pull request Time to Resolve. Jean Pierre says that when they first implemented GitPrime, their pull request time was one day. Once the team had visibility into this metric and the "quick win" activities that would help reduce the average time it took for code to get through the review process, they soon reduced Time to Resolve to just a few hours, resulting in faster time to delivery for their clients. “Before GitPrime, I was blind,” says Jean Pierre. “Now we finally have the data that shows us how we're doing, and as a team we can take actions based on that.”
The Result

Since rolling out GitPrime, TangoCode has seen four major benefits:

Faster delivery of software. The primary metrics that have helped the team see how to move work through the delivery process faster are their Active Days, Commits per Day, Impact, and Efficiency, says TangoCode Lead Engineer, Franklin Buitron. Before they had these metrics, the team would start coding new projects without fully thinking about they could break down their work and submit their work for review earlier.
A common language across the organization. GitPrime has given TangoCode a common language across departments and across the three office locations. “When we review KPIs, everyone knows what the metrics are, what the objectives are as a team and company, and how those help us deliver software to our customers,” says Jean Pierre.
Transparency and accessibility across teams. TangoCode uses GitPrime daily and because they value transparency, anyone in the company, from engineering up to the CEO, can view the data that GtiPrime is surfacing. This leads to more accountability, communication, and trust amongst the team.
Performance and transparency as a competitive advantage: the tech landscape is rapidly changing and highly competitive - and those that value speed and innovation, thrive. TangoCode has highlighted their ability to execute and their transparency as a directly transferable value-add for their customers.