Storyblocks uses GitPrime to understand and improve their work processes.

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Decrease in Errors Encountered by Users
Decrease in Average PR Age
Increase in Codebase Impact
Engineers are happiest when they’re building. GitPrime helps us remove barriers, adjust processes, and assign tasks correctly so that everybody can contribute to the best of their ability. It’s a win for everybody.
The Challenge
While Storyblocks has grown and changed a great deal in only a few short years, their core value has always stayed the same: "We Heart Data." Whether a team is onboarding a new recruit or making high-level strategic decisions, they always revisit this value. But, being data-driven in Engineering can be a bit nebulous. Before GitPrime, the metrics that they were collecting to track their productivity were rudimentary — they only provided a glimpse into how Engineering was performing. The need for additional data around performance came to a turning point when Silverman was advocating for an engineering process change. We were advocating for handling bug fixes in a different way — by sending them back to the team that would be best suited to tackle them. But the team pushed back. They brought up concerns like, 'the bugs won’t get fixed', or, 'engineers are going to be spending too much time doing this', or 'our productivity will go down.' But luckily by that time we had already been talking about trying out GitPrime.
Management loves that we’re using GitPrime, because we’re backing decisions up with data. It helps us defend to the rest of the organization why it’s worth it to invest energy into different efforts.
The Solution
When Storyblocks jumped on a trial with GitPrime, they immediately looked to see if changing their process for assigning bugs impacted the team’s overall productivity.
And there it was! We saw a bump in productivity after we changed up our process. That’s when we became GitPrime believers — that’s when you won us over. And having the data to prove that the process change improved our productivity immediately resolved the pushback. People just said, 'Okay, it’s good,' and we moved forward.
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The Result
Storyblocks continues to use GitPrime to understand and improve their work processes. Specifically, the platform allows the engineering team to measure the effectiveness of their onboarding processes and ensure that engineers are matched with tasks that challenge them to grow. “When a new engineer joins the team, we like to make sure that they’re being successfully onboarded — and if they are, we typically see their commit activity increase at a pretty steady rate, trending toward the team’s average, over a period of a few months,’’ Silverman explains. ‘‘So we’ll look at the Commit Workflow: how often are they committing in a day, and how often per week? Is this trending upward? And then we’ll look at the commits themselves: what are they? Are they easy or hard? Are they getting experience in different parts of the codebase?’ We also use GitPrime to teach team members best practices and to help us find feedback to give them. It gives us a way to support what we value — take code review, for instance. It helps us shine a spotlight on best practices and on our values and say, “this is important to us.”

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