Why Avid relies on GitPrime for visibility into the development process

With GitPrime, I’m able to show a much more comprehensive report to the executive leaders of how our engineering group is doing.
The Challenge
Founded in 1987, Avid Technology is a media platform that specializes in digital media creation tools for film, video, audio, animation, games, and broadcast professionals as well as for home video and home audio enthusiasts. It powers the technology behind the most prestigious and award-winning films. Avid’s Director of Innovation and Delivery, Alisa Sheyn, helps ensure that Avid’s 1500+ employees have the tools, systems & processes they need in order to be productive every day within their jobs. Before using GitPrime, Alisa was using a homegrown system to provide leadership with reports on Avid’s engineering organization. She says, “I’d pull together data from all of these different sources—and at the time, we had over 52 scrum teams who were contributing at vastly different levels. But I didn’t have a good way of normalizing that data in a way that would help us understand trends and patterns across teams.” With engineering teams who contributed at vastly different levels, the data she was pulling provided only a small glimpse into what was really going on and it didn’t accurately represent the narrative of how the engineering organization was doing. “Because we had so many unique scenarios, it was difficult to fairly consider all of the reasons the data may vary, yet still draw meaningful conclusions from it,” Alisa says. This meant that when Alisa presented the data to executives, along with her analysis on those results, they couldn’t get to a productive conversation about solutions because they didn’t trust the validity of the data. “Every month when we pulled the data, we always faced objections and doubt,” Alisa explains. “So we had a hard time standing behind the data when it came to showing it to our senior leadership executive team.”
The Solution
Alisa needed a way to draw more reliable and accurate data that provided a unified view of the health and productivity of the engineering organization. So after a colleague recommended she look into GitPrime, Alisa said she immediately realized it provided exactly what they were looking for. Alisa was keen not to repeat the same issues from the past, where the validity of the data was in dispute and couldn’t be used effectively. So she set up engagements with GitPrime to fully understand the platform and brought in key engineering directors early on. The engineering directors soon and saw that GitPrime could give them the data and insights they needed, so Avid rolled it out more broadly to the organization. Alisa says, “I love that GitPrime is always right by our side, helping us – talking to our managers and executives, making sure that we have all the information we need. Not just the metrics, but also helping us understand the intention behind them and the right execution plan.”
The Result

Since rolling out GitPrime Avid has seen three major benefits:

Reliable engineering metrics lead to insightful conclusions. As the data GitPrime provides an accurate and holistic picture of the engineering organization, executive leaders are bought in and can finally have productive conversations and Alisa can concentrate on drawing meaningful conclusions.
Big picture view and buy-in from executive leaders. With GitPrime, Alisa can provide a more complete narrative to senior leadership on how Avid’s engineering group is performing and where they’re allocating their work focus. “I have all of the information I need at an executive leadership level. I love being able to see the big-picture view across all of the teams.” Alisa says that GitPrime has helped build trust with and get buy-in from executive leaders.
Continued support and education. Alisa is delighted with the level of support GitPrime has continuously provided Avid with, even beyond the initial product rollout. If Alisa ever has a question about a new feature or a technical aspect of the API, there’s always someone to help and provide guidance.