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Founded in Colorado in 2015 by engineering manager Travis Kimmel (CEO), and product designer Ben Thompson (CMO), GitPrime serves tens of thousands of software engineers with objective data on their contributions and impact. As the leading engineering intelligence platform, we’re committed to innovation and to building a business, so that software teams everywhere can build theirs.

who we are

Leadership Team

Travis Kimmel

CEO, Co-founder

Ben Thompson

CMO, Co-founder

John Witchel


Todd Tidwell


Lihong Hicken


Eric Hansen


Brian Clausen

SVP Product & Sales

Wei Liu

VP Engineering

Mike Smith

VP Marketing

David Cumberland

VP Engineering Services

Our Origins

Built to scratch that itch felt by every software team.

Frustrated by the difficulties in communicating with non-technical engineering stakeholders, engineering manager and now-CEO Travis Kimmel started creating reports to objectively quantify engineering throughput and show how company events impact engineering progress. GitPrime is an evolution of these reports. The goal is the same: make visibility easy for all engineering teams.

Our Investors
Our Mission

To directly connect engineers with business growth.

We will deliver unprecedented visibility into the software development process and bridge the communication gap between engineering and stakeholders. With GitPrime, data-driven organizations will use data to work smarter, move faster and collaborate effectively with engineering teams.

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