Our mission is to bring unprecedented visibility into the software development process and bridge the communication gap between engineering and stakeholders. We help organizations use data to work smarter, move faster, and collaborate effectively with engineering teams.

Meet the founders

GitPrime was founded in 2015 by Ben Thompson (Chief Customer Officer) and Travis Kimmel (CEO).

Why did you build GitPrime

Travis: “I’ve spent years as an engineering manager. Every day, my goal was to make sure everyone had the support and resources they needed to make forward progress. As an engineering leader, it is your job to know if the team is on track, and how to help each engineer reach their potential. Yet, even seemingly simple questions like ‘Is anyone stuck?’ or ‘Did everyone make progress yesterday?’ are surprisingly difficult to answer. I realized that engineers were building powerful tools for everyone else, but we were relying on narrative and opinion to evaluate our own progress. I knew that there had to be a better way. At the time there wasn’t, so we built it.”

What’s so important about visibility in engineering? Why do we need it?

Travis: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The most effective organizations in the world embrace transparency, and it’s time for software engineering to emerge from the black box. There are plenty of tools that evaluate code and the work product. But there haven’t been any good options to test, measure, and refine the work process.”

Ben: “Engineering is in a time of transition. Sales teams have targets. Marketing teams have trackable goals. Software teams have never had a shred of hard data to bring into discussions. Forward-thinking organizations are moving beyond subjective measures like tickets-cleared, and evaluating their work patterns based on concrete data. Knowing immediately when an engineer is stuck or spinning their wheels helps managers do their jobs in a way that has never been possible. Measuring things like churn, codebase impact, and true cost of paying down technical debt, allows engineering to demonstrate how they’re meeting the business objectives at hand.”

What kind of results and benefits is GitPrime delivering to customers?

Ben: “Across the board GitPrime is helping clients modernize their software development process. We’re seeing customers ship faster, increase efficiency, reduce waste, introduce fewer bugs, and protect one of their most important investments: the time and attention of their software engineering team.”

What’s next?

Travis: “We believe that the largest inefficiencies, and therefore the largest gains, will be made as companies are able to track and measure how software is made. We’re only scratching the surface with what’s possible as the industry moves out of the dark ages. We are fortunate to be solving a fascinating problem, and one that has the ability to help nearly every business on the planet. We’re proud to be shaping the future of software development.”

Proud to be backed by Y Combinator

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